Saturday, June 5, 2010


Feels like I have been off of here forever!! LOL We have just been so crazy busy!! School ending kept us busy! But now its summer. And an actual picture of knitting!! I forgot to take a pic after the blocking of course but I was pleased with it especially being my first shawl! Any one know of another pretty easy beginning shawl pattern? I got the itch now!! Mainly I have been working on lots and lots of dish cloths. Quick satisfaction......

Just some random shots of the family, we love cookouts, fires, fishing, riding go carts and dirt bikes. Pretty much anything out doors.

Oh and chalk on the side walks too!

And sweet cold treats!

Momma doesn't like the Ohio humidity though AT ALL!!!!! I swear if I could find a place that is sunny and 70 to 75 all year I would move in an instant!!
Where would you love to live??

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  1. I am with you on this weather - had a migraine from Friday to Sunday afternoon. My husband lived in San Diego for two years - according to him, that's the perfect place for people like you and me. Him, too. He'd love to move back. I'd rather be somewhere cooler and less humid, but with snow in winter. Maine, maybe???

    Beautiful pictures of your family! :-)