Friday, March 26, 2010

Friggin Frustrating Frogging

Ahhh man what a night!! Went to a meeting earlier an took my project below along of course. Pretty simple pattern easy I thought.

At some point I noticed that many many rows back I has "got off" my pattern repeat ans it was waaaaaaaaaayyyyy of. So I started frogging it back. Easy enought right?

DEAD WRONG!!! I kept missing stitches ...I dont know what the problem was but finally, after wanting to cry, it is back on the needles and coming along again. Whew!!!
Went to Powell todat to check out a Yarn shop I'd just found out about Called a Tangled Tale.

What a cute shop. The ladies were so sweet!

Met a woman who is willing to show me how to use a drop spindle for FREE!!!! Just have to pay $15 bucks for the spindle!! I am VERY excited.

Picked up some needles size 3 Audis!!! And size 11 Hiya Miyas??? Never used these HMs but it was the length I needed so we will see.

And picked up this merino lace from Skacel. 1375 yards of it. The picture does not show the true color. It is a very deep purple. So pretty and I didnt even know I liked purple!! LOL It was wispering my name,
I need to stop buying yarn before I have a pattern for it. Bad habit but I cant help it, REALLY I CANT!!

Any suggestions of what to do with this yummy yummy lace????

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Home today from work SICK! Love getting days off of work but being really ill is no fun. Thinking about picking up the needles but also hear the bed calling my name.

My 5 year old qualified for nationals!!!!! This is quite a big deal. He loves to race his dirt bikes. (Yes he has 2). He has been riding since he was about 2 1/2. He just took off and now can barely get him off!!!
Busy race season has officially began.....................

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Lots of snugly down time with Cleo since the kids were all away this weekend. nothing like curling up with her. she seems so interested in all i am doing.

OOOOH AND SOME FUN SHOPPING! Some books!!!! and a little bit of knitting of course. Mostly in the truck as my hubby had lots of running around for us to do. I read all of the Friday night knitting club in 2 days. Loved it, till I couldn't quit sobbing. started on knit two.

For got to take pic of my Mad Hatter T shirt. Its in the wash now.
Love it. Makes me feel happy! Is it wrong for my 31 year old self to wear it??? I think not!!
The Mad Hatter Render Pictures, Images and Photos
And then of course I had to get my Copy of the New Moon DVD. So ready for Eclipse to come out!!!!!
New Moon DVD Cover 3 Pictures, Images and Photos
So what did you get into this weekend??
How do you feel about Sundays?
They really kinda make me sad knowing that the weekend is coming to an end!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Famly Stuff and a Lil Knitting

So the Hubby said it was time for the 2 year old to get a hair cut. I wasn't so sure. I loved his long hair, but it was getting hard to take care of!!!
So here is the before.......

And the after.........

I was tearing up while the barber was going to town on his long locks. So bitter sweet. He is the 4th child and we will have NO MORE!!!!! So its sad knowing my baby is growing into a little boy. He is now walking around saying "I am handsome boy!" He is right.

The hubby is at a conference this morning so its me and the kids. I wanted to attempt to start socks but NO WAY with the kids running around. That would be crazy!! So I am going to look out at the lake, watch the rain drops and work on the shawl I frogged since I learned I was purling wrong!!!! Feels so awkward now correcting it and really slowing me down. Practice, practice, practice!

Later we are going to see Alice In Wonderland in 3-D. I think I may be more excited than the kids!!! That's okay!!

So what are you into this weekend??

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So I did It!!

Yep went to the local Yarn shop (By Local I mean a 35 minute drive) And got some goods!!!

Alaskan Purl Was nice enough to suggest this book!! Thanks!!! So I went and got it and while I was there the nicest lady who works there sat me down and helped me start. So what is laying on the book is about 45 minutes of progress. She was so helpful, was a bit confusing at first because I continental style knit and she doesn't. But we worked it all out.

Another great thing is she realized I purl wrong to where it twists my stitches!!!!So she showed me an easy way to correct it!!! I guess since I taught myself and have never before knit with anyone I really had no clue.

So here are the yarns I bought!! She said they are the easiest to work with for my first couple pairs. Man i didn't realize sock yarn was so expensive!! Thought it would be a Little cheaper because it is so thin. So got my book, my VERY LONG 32" Addi Turbo circular, and the 3 yarns for a quick $98.00!!! Good thing I work full time because I have my own money. No way would my hubby be okay with my costly little hobby!! LOL Its my little secret

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hmm socks to be or not to be??

So i was reading Lazy Kate Creates Blog today. As I have for awhile. (Just love her blog). And she asked about our crafting fears. Got me thinking....... Yarn overs I LOVE to do. LOL But socks, man boy to I struggle there. I love looking at everyones socks and I love all the different sock yarns. They are so yummy. I look at the books on making socks all the time too. But I just cant talk myself into trying them. I taught myself how to knit and I do it continental style. So lots of books I have seen are for English knitting. Also I don't know what is easier, toe up, or something different.
Sock Yarn Pictures, Images and Photos

So I guess I ask how to you begin with you first pair of socks?? Easiest pattern? Best yarn? And needles? I wouldn't even know where to begin. But oh how I would love to put a pair of knitted socks on my tosies!!!!

Edwardian Boating Sock Pictures, Images and Photos

So Who knows where this post may take me

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love Me Some Buttons

Buttons Yeah!! I found a few that I love. I am really kind of picky about them. But know when I see them that I MUST have them!!

Just finished up the Hubbys blanket! He is such a baby and has been complaining that I make things for everyone else but him. Last night he cuddles up with it and is now happy!

I decided to start a gratitude shawl for Dustins grandma. I am using dove grey 70% silk/15% cotton/15% cashmere blend. I am finding it sort of difficult to work with but its so squishy and yummy. Wish me Luck!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I got 3 skeins of Miski 100% Baby Llama in the gorgeous orange and 3 of the same in turquoise!!!

And 2 skeins of Red 100% Chunky Baby Alpaca from Cascade Yarns!!! I could just eat it!!!

I also got 3 things (450 Yards) of Manos Silk Blend 30% Silk 70% Merino extra fine wool. So delicate!

And......LOL A few balls Of Lousia Hardings 46% wool 25% Vicose 19% acrylic 10% Mohair................


These pictures do it no justice. it is a mobius infinity eyelet scarf. My first time with a circular needle and yarn overs!!!
The thing is I buy my yarn because I fall in love with it! Never with anything in mind to make with it!! So HELP!!! I don't know what to create out of these!!! LOL
More to come.
Hopefully I will get better at taking pics of them. I hope!!!


So thought I would share a picture of me and the Family. This is such a classic family Photo!!!
So its Dustin, Kylie, Kaden Shaune, and Gage on my lap. Kadens face is priceless. They keep me VERY busy. Especially with work and other activities. So we are a really busy bunch!!!

And the Sun is shining today!!! WOW I think I had forgotten how that feels to have the warmth on my face. But there are still piles of yucky dirty snow laying every where. Got to Love the OHIO weather. Hope the sun is upon you all.
Hope I can make it home to use it. I have lots of new yummy yarn I want to take pics of and get posted. I spent $180.00 closest yarn shop to me this week. Yikes. But it could have been worse. There was so much more that I wanted and was drooling over!!! Ahh we will see I guess.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ahh so I have been Reading blogs forever now and never got the guts to actually start my own. So here I am. Man how scary!!! Going to have to think about what I will be doing with this. How did you all feel when you first started and why did you decide to start your blog??