Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looooong Sleepy Week

Well Well, I have been keeping up on reading lately but not posting.
My Dr. Has changes some of my meds and I have had a really hard time staying awake. Yesterday I literally fell asleep at my desk WITH MY BOSS in the same room!!!!!! I put a call into the Dr to see whats up. Full time job, 4 kids, meetings 6 night a week-------this is NOT going to work at all!!!

So I have been doing a little knitting. Still working on the baby blanket, getting lots of dish cloths out for a swap I am in, and trying to find a shawl pattern I love. have tried a couple and have ripped them out just because it just wasn't right!!

Tomorrow I have a Women Of Faith Conference I am going to and also on Saturday. I am pretty excited. I will have to let you know how it goes. Wish me luck to stay awake during it!!!

Any thing fun in your future plans??

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday ...half way there
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So my hubby needed my camera for work and has not returned it soooooo no pics like I wanted today!!!!!!

I have started making pretty lil stitch markers..yay the hubby bought me some tools, glass beads, wire, and toggles. I was so excited!!! And I love putting them together, after I look and feel and play with each glass bead lol. He also came home with a lime green (I LOVE GREEN) I Pod for my listening pleasure!!! I am now up to date (kinda)!!! I was really spoiled this weekend!!! He is the best.

So I have continued to work on dish cloths, dish towels, and suck for a swap I have joined. So quick and easy. Last week I picked up some tiny tiny lace yarn and cast on for an old 1818 vintage shawl. I work on it for a few moments here and there bc the lace is so tiny and the size 3 needles are well tiny LOL!!

I want to do another shawl also...........any suggestions?????????? I need to get going on something else also!! I need lots to work on because not much is keeping my attention for too long. Knit a bit on this a bit on that, whatever works right now!!
Today is sunny and beautiful! I need the sun on my face today.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuck in a Rut

Man do you ever just find yourself un-inspired?? I think that is where I am at!! I have cast a few things on and then just tore them off because I am just not into it! So I have done some quick mindless dish cloths and towels for instant gratification. And also I like to keep my hands busy. I think I just need to find something I am excited about.......hmmmmmmmm any ideas?? At least the sun is a shining and it is beautiful out. That at least puts a smile on my face.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Powerful Night of rememberence

Tonight I went with friends and family to the state house for Donate Life (Organ and Tissue donation). We were trying to make it in to the Guinness Book of World Records.

My best friends precious baby boy died when he was 7months old. you can check out his touching story here.
His mom was brave and decided to donate his organs and tissue for whom ever needed. So at any time there is a event we most definitely go. Such powerful speeches from people who had lost family members and those people who have received donations. It was a night to warm the soul.
How was your weekend?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring at my house means buying band aids in BULK

Ahh Spring time, playing outside, grilling out, getting the bicycles out and BAM!!! Major wrecks on the concrete. My sweet, loving, fearless motocross rinding boy got a little carried away last night on his spider man bike.

And this is the result. Both his hands and his legs are all cut up too. Once he quit bleeding from his nose and mouth, I realized I needed to cut off some major skin hanging from inside of his mouth. Gag!!! But he was sooooo brave.
Another day in the life I guess.
Then his 2 year old brother noticed he wasn't getting the attention so he started searching his body for cuts and bruises. Too funny!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy is Life

My pictures posted backwards and I just really don't care today!!!

Finally completed the Prayer Shawl for Dustins Grandma. With only 3 mistakes LOL

Hated working with this yarn but, she wanted something very easy to take care of so I bit it and used the acrylic stuff.

I got to knit after Easter dinner.........

While the hubby handles clean up. I am very lucky!!

A few of my girlfriends (3 to be exact) are pregnant. So lots of baby knitting in my forecast!! Hope everyone is getting a touch of this spring weather. It is good for the soul!!!