Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy is Life

My pictures posted backwards and I just really don't care today!!!

Finally completed the Prayer Shawl for Dustins Grandma. With only 3 mistakes LOL

Hated working with this yarn but, she wanted something very easy to take care of so I bit it and used the acrylic stuff.

I got to knit after Easter dinner.........

While the hubby handles clean up. I am very lucky!!

A few of my girlfriends (3 to be exact) are pregnant. So lots of baby knitting in my forecast!! Hope everyone is getting a touch of this spring weather. It is good for the soul!!!


  1. Love seeing Dustin with sudsy hands! And congrats on completing the shawl - it's a pretty color and I'm sure Dustin's grandmother will love it.

  2. Baby knitting is so much fun! I think it's probably the most wonderful kind of knitting there is (though I have no babies whatsoever to knit for!).

    The prayer shawl turned out lovely, and I think you were smart to use acrylic so that she won't have to worry about fussing with taking care of it. There are certain situations (babies and grandmothers) when acrylic is essential. :)