Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring at my house means buying band aids in BULK

Ahh Spring time, playing outside, grilling out, getting the bicycles out and BAM!!! Major wrecks on the concrete. My sweet, loving, fearless motocross rinding boy got a little carried away last night on his spider man bike.

And this is the result. Both his hands and his legs are all cut up too. Once he quit bleeding from his nose and mouth, I realized I needed to cut off some major skin hanging from inside of his mouth. Gag!!! But he was sooooo brave.
Another day in the life I guess.
Then his 2 year old brother noticed he wasn't getting the attention so he started searching his body for cuts and bruises. Too funny!!


  1. My word, Mary! I get all freaked out when Will gets a bruise - I guess I have this to look forward to, and stocking up on lots of boo-boo "stickers."

  2. Awwww.... He looks like a tough little guy!