Friday, March 26, 2010

Friggin Frustrating Frogging

Ahhh man what a night!! Went to a meeting earlier an took my project below along of course. Pretty simple pattern easy I thought.

At some point I noticed that many many rows back I has "got off" my pattern repeat ans it was waaaaaaaaaayyyyy of. So I started frogging it back. Easy enought right?

DEAD WRONG!!! I kept missing stitches ...I dont know what the problem was but finally, after wanting to cry, it is back on the needles and coming along again. Whew!!!
Went to Powell todat to check out a Yarn shop I'd just found out about Called a Tangled Tale.

What a cute shop. The ladies were so sweet!

Met a woman who is willing to show me how to use a drop spindle for FREE!!!! Just have to pay $15 bucks for the spindle!! I am VERY excited.

Picked up some needles size 3 Audis!!! And size 11 Hiya Miyas??? Never used these HMs but it was the length I needed so we will see.

And picked up this merino lace from Skacel. 1375 yards of it. The picture does not show the true color. It is a very deep purple. So pretty and I didnt even know I liked purple!! LOL It was wispering my name,
I need to stop buying yarn before I have a pattern for it. Bad habit but I cant help it, REALLY I CANT!!

Any suggestions of what to do with this yummy yummy lace????


  1. Try not ot get too frustrated - put the knitting to the side if you have to, but just keep in mind that those projects to the side have a way of not getting done! I've wanted to go to a Tangled Tale AND have wanted to learn how to use a drop spindle. Maybe after your lesson you could teach me?!

  2. Sure . That sounds good to me!!
    The shop isnt like Temptations/ but still pretty neat. They dont have as much to choose from but their sstock is different. Check em out

  3. Frogging... yuck! I hate it when that happens. :(

  4. Tangled Tale is a wonderful shop! I haven't been to Temptations yet...the name scares me...I'm already too tempted by anything involving fiber. LOL!!! Enjoying your new blog!