Thursday, May 20, 2010


Man I really couldn't come up with a title today LOL. My mind feels kinda squishy. I am tired. No new news there. That seems to be the theme lately!

So I actually finished a knitting project last night !! Woot woot. Pictures and description to come later. It is a gift for my Fiber Pen Pal. And I want her to be surprised!!

There is actually sun shining today. It has rained all week but it is to begin again tomorrow! Blah so tired of it.

Was trying to add a picture but it is not working so never mind I guess.

Until next time............................

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  1. Can you believe sunshine today??? Yesterday, one of my FB friends from Wisconsin posted about how the weather there made you want to get out and celebrate...and I replied that the weather here makes you want to go slit your wrists. :-) Yup...that's Ohio for ya!