Thursday, March 11, 2010

So I did It!!

Yep went to the local Yarn shop (By Local I mean a 35 minute drive) And got some goods!!!

Alaskan Purl Was nice enough to suggest this book!! Thanks!!! So I went and got it and while I was there the nicest lady who works there sat me down and helped me start. So what is laying on the book is about 45 minutes of progress. She was so helpful, was a bit confusing at first because I continental style knit and she doesn't. But we worked it all out.

Another great thing is she realized I purl wrong to where it twists my stitches!!!!So she showed me an easy way to correct it!!! I guess since I taught myself and have never before knit with anyone I really had no clue.

So here are the yarns I bought!! She said they are the easiest to work with for my first couple pairs. Man i didn't realize sock yarn was so expensive!! Thought it would be a Little cheaper because it is so thin. So got my book, my VERY LONG 32" Addi Turbo circular, and the 3 yarns for a quick $98.00!!! Good thing I work full time because I have my own money. No way would my hubby be okay with my costly little hobby!! LOL Its my little secret


  1. So glad you bought the book! I had my own copy out last night, as I'm working on a sock design. Love it!

  2. Yay for yarn purchases less than $100! Congratulations! Also, cograts on having a lovely husband who will never know the cost of an itty bitty skein of sock yarn!

  3. Read through some of the book.That is as far as I have gone. The cast ons are WAY scary.

  4. How is it that I didn't know you had a blog until now??? I will definately follow you! Did you make the pilgrimage to Temptations? I love that store, but yes, It Ain't Cheap! I am jealous of the Addi Turbos. Need bunches of those. Good luck with the socks.

  5. Yes I love Temptations!! I have gone a few times now. Only started blogging last week maybe so your not too behind Erin! Man I need a lot of luck with the socks LOL

  6. That's funny about the twisted stitches...I am also teaching myself to knit, and I was doing the same thing!
    There is obviously something lacking in "learn to knit" books.