Thursday, March 4, 2010


So thought I would share a picture of me and the Family. This is such a classic family Photo!!!
So its Dustin, Kylie, Kaden Shaune, and Gage on my lap. Kadens face is priceless. They keep me VERY busy. Especially with work and other activities. So we are a really busy bunch!!!

And the Sun is shining today!!! WOW I think I had forgotten how that feels to have the warmth on my face. But there are still piles of yucky dirty snow laying every where. Got to Love the OHIO weather. Hope the sun is upon you all.
Hope I can make it home to use it. I have lots of new yummy yarn I want to take pics of and get posted. I spent $180.00 closest yarn shop to me this week. Yikes. But it could have been worse. There was so much more that I wanted and was drooling over!!! Ahh we will see I guess.


  1. Don't feel bad about dropping that amount of money! You've got to build up your stash somehow!

  2. I just usually dont in one visit!! But it did feel great! I just always want everything!

  3. I love all your new yarns! The orange is so yummy! I love the burgundy multi one too! Fun family picture!

    Thank you for your post and thinking of me :)

    Have a good weekend!